web toys, microgames, etc

finch game - play in browser

A graphical, physics-based genetic simulator made in a week for a class on Creative Technologies. This game generates a random selection of birds with varying colors and abilities, then iterates through their "lifespan" (with some birds able to find food and survive, and many others dying). Then you can breed your next generation and try again! Made using Matter.Js.

take a nap - play in browser

A very short interactive story about burnout with multiple different endings, made in a few hours for a class that ended up being cancelled. Made using Twine.

hall of ball - play in browser

A 3D microgame combining machine learning (yes, really!) and Frogger, but with you playing the villain, made in a week for a class on Advanced Game Practices. Using the ML-Agents addon for Unity, I spent a few days training a tiny virtual brain to traverse an obstacle course with moving objects. Then I gave the player a hammer, with the aim of stopping our "frog" from getting to the goal. Made using Unity 3D.