Zelle Marcovicci - hi@zelle.zone

I'm happiest when I'm given some bizarre coding problems to solve, or a highly experimental project to puzzle out. Technology is my passion, but it's not my only trick - I make friends wherever I go, and I can articulate that dense technical knowledge so that non-geeks can understand and enjoy it.

Work Experience

Tutor - Massey University
2022 - Present: Introduction to Web Development, Introduction to Programming for Interactive Projects
Junior Designer - Open Lab NZ
2017 - Present: Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery Games
(Best Awards finalist, Toitanga category, 2019)
2021 - Present: Te Whare Tapa Whā

Education & Volunteer Experience

Bachelor's of Creative Media Study at Massey University
2019 - Present: Game and Creative Technologies Pathways
데브시스터즈 주식회사 Devsisters Corporation
2019 - 2020: Discord Moderator, Volunteer Community Management
Miscellaneous - Hard Skills & Comfort Zones